Sunday, May 5, 2013

Out and about San Diego - OR - When relatives come to visit

Saturday, we (the 13-year-old and I) had a lovely lunch with my sister plus my younger daughter and her husband (whose birthday it was) at the Hotel del Coronado.  My sister is staying there this week, along with her husband, who is attending a convention there.

The lunch was wonderful, delicious, relaxing and very enjoyable.

My sister, who lives in Ohio, was astonished at the masses of flowers in the area around the hotel, and showed us pictures of some huge groups of Bird of Paradise and other blooms she found in her walks near the hotel.

After the lunch, my sister and I sat around the pool talking while the 13-year-old swam. I kinda envied her being in the pool, but not enough to bother putting on a bathing suit and joining her.

Later, the two of us went on the hotel's beach and the 13-year-old clambered over the rock jetty there, where she explored the tide pools along with about 20 younger boys.  (no girls, for some strange reason) as the tide came in and began washing over the rocks. Exciting and fun. 

As I stood and watched, I had several thoughts.
1.  Considering the sea breeze, her dress was amazing -- It flapped and fluttered, but the breeze never lifted the skirt up to embarrass her.
2. Okay, why were only boys exploring the rocks and the tide pools?  Where were their sisters?
3. Later I realized that it had been only elementary school age boys there.  If any high school or older boys had seen the beautiful girl exploring the rocks, I bet they would have drifted over to "help" her.

Exiting the parking lot, we explored more of the island until we ran into the Naval base, then managed to find our way off the island and on to home.  

If you click on the link above, you'll see why, even though I live in the San Diego area, I'd love to spend a weekend at this resort.

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