Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Week after Kindling Words West Writing Retreat

Now that I've finally gone to Kindling Words West and have experienced a week-long writer's retreat, (last week) I'm all enthused about my writing, again.

But Monday I couldn't write, because I was involved as the representative writer in my granddaughter's middle school career day.  (yes, I almost lost my voice, again)
And Tuesday I couldn't write, because that same 13-year-old had several asthma attacks and I had to take her to the Dr., get medicine, get her to take it, etc., etc., etc.

So today is Wednesday, and I'm realizing that I need to send several pieces of writing to Vermont College of Fine Arts for the writing workshop that happens every day there.  (Luckily, I've already chosen to send two half-done picture books, so they're ready -- I just have to reformat them and remember to send them.)

Writing is on my mind and therefore I have a couple of more writer links for you who read my blog.

Firstly -- Do you outline before you write?  Or does the outline simply develop later? Carol Brendler discusses her own version of Outlining on the blog, Emu's Debuts.  She calls it, The Trouble with Outlines.

Secondly -- How about Trilogies?  Do you like them? (as a reader or a writer) How does a trilogy happen?  Janni Simner talks about her new trilogy and how it came to be on the blog, Through the Tollbooth.


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