Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kelly's Curiosities are LIVE

Oh my, here's a Sunday Treat for you.
Just keep checking out Kelly's Curiosities -- online videos where Kelly Milner Halls talks about amazing, weird subjects.  This time she talks about a Pig that Saves Lives, and calls it, Lulu the Hero Pig.

Her first video is -- Is that a space rock in your gold medal?
Oh my. Did you know that Russia is putting pieces of that meteorite that exploded over their land last year into the 2014 Olympic Medals? Check it out.

There's a new one now, all about Dinosaur Poop.
All of Kelly's videos now can be found on one page -- here.

Evidently MSN knew about her and her books and asked her to do the project.  She compiled a list of 25 possible "weird" subjects and they decided which ten they wanted first. She wrote the scripts and then, in one intense day, they came to her house and filmed them. She was allocated a limited amount of time -- under three minutes -- but was amazed to discover how much you could say in that short time.
And, of course being Kelly, she had lots of fun doing them.

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