Sunday, October 13, 2013

Researching the details

Over at the YA Sisterhood: Fall into Fantasy Blog Tour, Kristin Cashore has written an excellent post about writing fantasy and actually, about questions that most writers ask themselves as they write.

You know that nonfiction writers have to do lots of research to find the facts they write about.
Did you know that even fiction and fantasy writers research the details they put into their books?  They don't just 'make everything up,' they search around to find the most logical way something could happen.

How heavy is carrying enough rope to rescue a person -- and -- can you wrap that much rope around yourself to hide the fact that you are carrying rope?
How do you disguise a boat you want to use to sneak up on people -- to make the boat invisible? Should it involve mirrors?

Just check out how Kristin Cashore solved these problems for her book, Bitterblue.

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