Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Who

Happy Dr. Who -- 50 years strong.
Were you one of the millions who watched the WORLD-WIDE showing of the DAY OF THE DOCTOR, to help celebrate that the TV program, Dr. Who, began 50 years ago?

 My granddaughter and I watched -- at home.  We were not one of the millions who watched this on the big screens in movie theatres.  It was shown at 11:50 in San Diego.  What time was it in your part of the world when this simulcast international show came on?
(I'm also wondering if they issued it in the native languages of non-English speaking countries. hmmm?)

I remember when my youngest child insisted we stay up late and watch this amazing new program on PBS about this crazy guy who travels around the universe in a blue box, saving the worlds.  She super impressed her Astronomy teacher in high school because she already knew most of the space terms the teacher was presenting.  (the teacher bragged about this amazing girl during Parent Visitation night and was surprised when we told her that our child had learned all this stuff from watching Dr. Who.)

Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Doctor.  Well, not really, because the person who wrote this never saw the original 7 Doctors, but fun information anyway.

(also, check out GOOGLE today. It features all 11 of the Doctors.)

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