Saturday, November 16, 2013

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Is it that time of year again?
Oh no!
Time to plan Thanksgiving Dinner.
Let's see…

  I grew tired of turkey long ago.
On the other hand, a nice ham?
easy-peezy. out of fridge, unwrap, peal fell off (that's skin and fat to non farmers) score, cloves, and pop into oven for an hour or two.

The heck with getting up at 5 in the morning to begin the stuffing and prepare the turkey and giblets and getting sick, sick, sick of the smell of turkey as it cooks for 6 hours or more.

and preparing all the vegetables.  2 like succotash, 3 like string beans, a different 3 like creamed onions, most everyone likes mashed potatoes, not enough like sweet potatoes to make it worth while cooking, who the heck liked sauerkraut?  oh yes, he's long dead now -- forget it. How many people like gravy? Nevermind -- I like gravy, so making gravy has to be juggled at the same time as I time the various pots of veggies so that they all are ready at the same moment.

Make the orange cranberry relish or buy? gotta have cranberry sauce without lumps for 3 of them and another tray of sauce with lumpy cranberries Fix the relish tray.

And is it any wonder I buy pies? (except I have to make 4 pumpkin pies and then 4 more for the weekend because we will be OUT of pie.)

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