Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Week of School

At my teen's high school, we have to report to the office before going onto campus and get a special visitor sticker
Which is fine except that the office is at the lowest level of the campus with nothing close to it. 
To get to where you consult with counselors or teachers, you have to go up two long flights of outside stairs and across quite a bit of the open campus. I cannot handle stairs and the handicapped elevator is always locked, so I usually simply drive around the campus and enter any of the OPEN gates close to the school buildings. But I can't park in the upper parking lot. It's only for teachers. (they only use one-third of it, but you get a ticket if you use any of the empty spaces.)
Sometimes I simply skip the office and walk onto campus to the building for the meeting. And NOBODY questions me.

There are no public school buses, so you have to drive your child to and from school every day - what a mess.  
I've never seen an accident at the pick-up lane, but there have been very close misses. 
(Two crazy cars almost got me today. Must have been ninth graders' parents. The rest of us are pretty courteous and take turns nicely.)

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