Thursday, June 8, 2017

DMV Ordeal

I got the notification in the mail that I needed to renew my driver's license. Previously (in another state) all I had to do was go into the small branch office of the DMV, get a new picture and sometimes take an eye exam. Done
However this notice mentioned that I'd have to take the written exam as well. (gulp) So I spent some time studying the Driver's Handbook, took a deep breath and went to the California DMV. The line was out the door and down the street. So, I went to Costco, instead.
A few days later, I went to a different (larger) DMV and was happy to see that there were only 4 people ahead of me in line. Goodie. So, I got my number -- G-93 -- and went to sit down. The sitting area was only half full, so I assumed that I'd be called pretty soon.  
G-54 was being called. And then for a long time other numbers with other parts of the alphabet were called. I got up, walked around, went outside for a while, came back in, sat down, and discovered that they had gotten up to the G-70s.
After two and a half hours, they got to the G-90s. YAY!
Finally my number was called.
Are you living in the same place as on your license? Yes.
Is your weight the same? Yes. (I didn't go into the fact that I had actually gained 10-15 pounds and then lost them again and was finally back to the same weight.)
Then over to get my picture taken. Luckily, I had washed my hair. Unluckily, they had to keep taking my picture over and over again. At last the photographer asked me to take off my glasses. By that time she had me giggling so much that it's probably the best driver's license picture I've ever had.
Finally came the test.
Not a written test, but on the computer. Touch screen. Three strikes and you've failed.
Instantly, I got TWO WRONG! Yikes!
Boy was I petrified throughout the rest of the test. One more wrong and...
But they were all right.
And I was all right. Done. Certified to drive for 5 more years.
I can't wait until my actual driver's license is mailed to me so I can see what my giggling picture looks like.

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