Saturday, November 28, 2020

Where have you lived?

 A Facebook friend asked where their friends lived while growing up.  My answer was very long.

We moved every 3 years or so while I was growing up. I've gone back to several places, but not all. (still want to go back to Monroeton to see if the school is still two rooms for 6 grades) The house in Pottstown, PA was still there. 5th sixth and seventh grades. (My little sister fell from the third floor window onto a bed of ivy, just missing the sidewalk. She was fine.) Once when I was attending American Library Association in Chicago, I came a day early and rented a car to visit my Chicago haunts. The Oliver Wendal Holmes school in Oak Park, IL (also seventh grade) was sorta still there, However, the old school was gone and a new school had been built in what had been our recess (and after school) playground lot. I also saw the house in Glen Ellyn, IL. (eighth and 9th grade) i parked in the driveway and walked around the house and lot. The empty lots around it were now full of houses. A postman asked what I was doing and when I told him, he said the he was the guy who rented the apartment above the garage!!! 

The rest of my High School years we lived in Vienna, WV and I attended Parkersburg High School. (bus student) My parents stayed there while I was in college, but then they moved out of town to a farmhouse with acreage which we visited every year. I married and had children who also enjoyed the 'farm.' We settled just north of Baltimore, MD. My parents eventually retired to Fort Walton Beach, FL and of course we would drive down to visit every year.

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