Saturday, July 17, 2021

I like cats, not dogs

 Our family had both dogs and cats.  I just wish dogs weren't so smelly.  A lot of my family have a poor sense of smell and therefore don't mind smelly dogs, picking up their smelly poop, or mucking out the horse's stall.

Not for me, sorry.  Just give me a purring cat who is constantly cleaning grooming herself.

And what's with this female dog's mensuration all over the furniture? What a mess.  Cats don't have that. 

By now you've probably guessed who was in charge of the dogs in our family and who was in charge of the cats. 

NO LICK, dog!  No lick.  (our dogs learned to greet me with a big sloppy lick -- 6 inches away from my body.  Thank you, dog.  Nice dog.)

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