Thursday, July 29, 2021

The worst boss I ever had

During a discussion of 'the worst bosses you've ever had' this was my contribution: 

We had a branch manager who was soooo unqualified. All of us had college degrees and some of us had master's degrees, but she treated us as if we were college students working part time for her. (she came from being in charge of a situation like that in a college library) She'd sit in her office all the time and assign long hours on the information desk to us. But we had a lot of background work we needed to do, some out in the library book stacks and some back in our own office. So I began working an hour or so after my 8 hours, just to catch up the back office work. Guess what - then she simply assigned me to work those overtime hours on the information desk "as long as I was staying late." grrrrr. But she wouldn't let me take time off for all the overtime she assigned me.  My overtime hours grew and grew. We were not paid for overtime, but legally we were supposed to take an equal amount of time off.

She never did figure out why we kept going into the book stacks to handle the books, deciding which books needed to be weeded and tossed or replaced. No, she thought we should be at the information desk all the time. (but that she never needed to do that or to work handling the books)

We never knew our working hours - day shift or 12 to 8 shift - from week to week. Eventually she admitted she drank a six pack of beer while writing out the desk schedules and weekly schedule. (it showed)  

Several people gave up and quit and found other places to work. Even I was searching for another place. Individual complaints to administration didn't work; she was able to convince admin that it was we who were bad workers.  

Finally a coworker and I got together, made a list and made a presentation to admin of all the things she did and didn't do. (One of the administrators finally had to accept that something was wrong - with the branch manager - which was hard because she was the administrator who had chosen this branch manager to work for the library system.)  

So, she was transferred out and we got a competent branch manager. I think I was the only librarian left out of the librarian staff by that time; everyone else had found new jobs. At that point I hadn't yet accepted the alternate job I had been offered. News note -- she was transferred to a larger branch, not as branch manager. However they did give her the job of creating the work schedules and boy did they learn quickly how rotten she was at that.  

Yes, she was fired. Good!

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