Friday, March 25, 2022

Girls don't go to college (in olden days - 1950s-60s)

 My mother went to college in the late 1920s and met my dad there. Therefore as the oldest girl who was given the responsibilities for everything at home, I assumed that I would go to college, too - in the late 1950s. 

Nope, they were only saving money to send my brother to college. I could be a salesclerk or something. Still determined to go to college, I negotiated going to a Junior college (now called Community college). Got a Yes, but only if I prepared for a career - so signed up for the secretarial course. Once there, I transferred into the academic course in the second year. 

Since my parents only promised 2 years of post high school training for any of us four children, I worked summers and had part time jobs during the school year. My husband and I continued with college plus working part time and getting scholarships after we were married, finally both of us graduating with a MSLS 10 years after we had graduated from high school. 

(as for my brother -- he didn't go to college. He went right into the Air Force after high school.)

Yes, almost EVERY male I met in the 1960s in college assumed I was only there for my MRS. degree. And yes, I gave those guys a glare and a cold shoulder.

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