Saturday, April 16, 2022

State of Terror by Clinton and Penny

 Wow. When a great crime writer and a great politician/ Secretary of State get together to write a political thriller the result is an edge-of-the seat read! I highly recommend Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny's new book = State of Terror.

They thread together Clinton's experience with being Secretary of State with the fact that, when the Soviet Union broke up lots of fissionable material went missing - enough to make many bombs. What if terrorists planted those bombs in cities around the world? In the United States? In the White House? 

 The writers say there were three nightmare scenarios that woke Clinton up in the middle of the night. This was just one of them. I'm hoping they're going to write about the other two as well. 

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Sue Bradford Edwards said...

They definitely used tension and pacing to keep the reader on the edge of her seat. Loved this book.