Thursday, November 10, 2022

Having a hot Halloween (candy) time

 I only buy Halloween candy that I like to eat. M&Ms are good. This time I bought a variety bag of them - and nobody came to my house. (Turns out they everybody and their next of kin went to the neighborhood haunted house, instead.) So now I get to try some of the newer varieties of M&Ms that I have never had before. 

I love to tear the top off these small, single serving bags and warm the candies in the microwave until the chocolate melts inside that candy coating, and the coating cracks. Yummy!  So -- this time I put one of those purple single serving bags into the microwave. The Fudge Brownie ones. Accidentally heated it for one minute. (Usual time to heat that small amount is 30 seconds or less.) 

Suddenly smelled smoke.  Pulled the bag out and it smelled smoky and burnt.  Tossed it into the trash, but had a thought -- it was still hot. Would it set my trash on fire?  Took it back out of the trash. Hot Hot Hot !!!  Put it into the sink and ran water over it. Still hot and smoking and sizzling. Turned it over (with a fork) to cool the other side.  It sizzled for several minutes. When I peeked inside - everything was melted together and was black, not chocolatey brown. 

I'll never heat up (or eat) the Fudge Brownie M&Ms again. 

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