Saturday, January 21, 2023

 Remember the old library book checkout cards? A post on FB reminded me that I lived through the library conversion from those cards to computers. The Library System Director came to every branch to talk about the new computerized Circulation System. I don't know about in the other branches, but as soon as I learned about it I could see how helpful it would be to us librarians and I told him so. 

Soon thereafter, we all were being trained in how librarians could use it to find books quickly and be able to see what's checked out or was available, here or in other branches. 

Then My husband became head of the new department called IT and he was writing instruction manuals. How did he know that the librarians and circulation people could understand the manual? He gave it to me to read and I would point out things I didn't understand. Once it had been "Wendie Proofed," he sent it out to everyone and then groups of people from all departments formed to help instruct the patrons how to use this new catalogue.

I was embarrassed to learn that he actually told his staff that what he wrote had been "Wendie Proofed."

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