Thursday, November 2, 2023

Do not feed wild animals

 Too many people don't know the difference between wild animals and Build-a-bear stuffed animals. 

No, a bear is not a nice doggie.  

Let's break it to you quickly - bears would like to kill you if you get in their way or think you're threatening her children.  

Secondly. if you feed wild animals, they will stop avoiding people (to stay safe) and will begin approaching people - Demanding food and not caring if they injure a hiker just to get into their backpack to get the FOOD.  

And if they decide that YOU taste good, that ruins the whole area for any other people. (not to mention the damage to you.)

Guess what?  EIGHT MILES of the most beautiful and colorful part of the Blue Ridge Parkway has been closed due to tourists feeding bears. !!!

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