Thursday, June 6, 2024

Me - On Stage and off

Someone on Facebook mentioned attending a production of The Magic Flute, which kicked off memories of my own stage experience:

I was in the Magic Flute in Middle School -- as the back end of the dragon. And the stupid guy up front didn't even go far enough on stage so that anyone knew I was there. 🙂  
Other attempts to be on stage included a failure ballet recital, Several high school orchestra performances (and messing up a solo part), plus - teen me participating in the Ohio Valley Orchestra with adults (because they needed a bassoonist) and sitting beside a guy who went on to be part of a famous rock band.

Also - me being in the college stage orchestra ( in the orchestra pit, of course) of The Music Man, and later being assistant to the light guy for several years which consisted of me running my finger along the Playscript so that he knew where they were in the action on the stage and he could pull the correct lights 

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