Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween fun

This year we fell into some pumpkin deals and ended up with 5 or six pumpkins.

I put two by the mailbox by the street -- so they could decorate the mailbox area for Fall for several months.

My husband carved (with help from the 7-year old) the largest. "Granddad makes the best jack-o-lanterns," I was informed as I was shooed away from helping. The 7-year old painted the other three. Made a cat, a clown and a "scary Mary."

We put them all out for Halloween.

What did I see this morning? The two by the mailbox had been smashed (by teens) (the same teens who emptied our candy bowl?)

But the others were closer to the house and are okay. So I guess I get to put Clowny, the cat, and Scary Mary out by the mailbox for my fall display. The carved one will allowed to rot and make compost for the flower bed beside the porch.

The 7-year old refused to be a princess this year. She found an angel costume in a second hand store and went as an angel. Definately NOT typecasting. But she loved the feather wings I added to it.

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