Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Vacation, Day three

What did I do today:
1) answered e-mail (bad choice because it cut down on my writing time)
Part of it was workplace e-mail, tho. Things that had to be decided today.
2) Finished most of the cleaning of the dining room. Moved the small TV from the kitchen to the dining room.
3) Cooked split-pea soup with a ham hock. (The 7-year old didn't like it, so she had more chicken noodle soup.)
4) supervised the 7-year-old while she learned how to ride a scooter after school, before it got too cold to ride.

I discovered that my sister Marion's organized cleaning system really works.
She said to begin in one spot and work my way around the room. To use four boxes. (I used canvas bags for large stuff and build-a-bear boxes for kids stuff)

She recommended a box for things to get rid of -- me, I simply threw that sort of thing into the trash, instead.

I used these bags/ boxes --
1) move to another room
2) give away
3) not sure what to do with
4) take this stuff to work for crafts or programs
(however, since my workstaff is trying to get me to cut down on the "stuff" I have at work for programs, they might object to me bringing more stuff there. oh dear.)

I have washed shelves, reorganized the contents of chests of drawers, etc. The dining room looks like a different room, now. But it's taking soooo much longer than I had planned. I need to take a couple of more weeks off to do the whole house this way.


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