Monday, November 5, 2007

Vacation, Day One

What did I do today?

The first day of vacation is always a day of planning, but not actually doing anything much. A winding down, so to speak, from the usual day-to-day stuff. (can't count the weekend as a vacation because there is so much that needs to be packed into those two days -- every week.)

So I --
1) Put the 7-year-old's hair into a Freaky Hair style for Freaky Hair Day at school. It's interesting that the school scheduled their "Spirit Week" during my vacation time. So that I'll have time to do the time-consuming chores (for the parent) in order to get the 7-year-old attired properly. (Where we're going to get the cowboy stuff for Friday, I'm not sure. The Halloween stores are closed, and besides, there weren't cowboy/ cowgirl outfits on sale there anyway.) She'll probably go as a Native American.

2) Went to the local collage to pay for my older daughter's transcripts to be sent to her. That was a waste of time. It seems that parents can't do that any more. I needed a permission slip from my daughter saying I could do it. My, how times have changed. (How many times did I sign permission slips for her adventures?)

3) Did 5 more loads of wash.

4) Tweaked the Dog story a bit. Sent a draft to my oldest daughter -- since it's her dog I'm writing about.

5) Bought the 7-year-old a Razzor Scooter and made her ride it for an hour. Okay, that sounds more like fun than a chore. But it's to help her learn to balance. We figure that once she learns to balance on the scooter's two wheels, she'll then have more courage to learn to ride her bike. (confession time -- no, she can't ride a bike, yet. I can't figure out why, either. She does okay on the balance beam in gymnastics - why can't she balance on a bike?)

6) Cooked a pot roast -- something you can't do when you are working full time. It's even a chore to do it in the slo-cooker when you are working. I'm planning to have home-cooked meals the whole week long. My family will be so surprised.

7) Housekeeping? no, not yet. But I'm making plans.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendie, Your vacations (at home) sound like mine--extremely busy and goal-oriented. But it is a nice feeling when the week ends and you can cross a bunch of stuff off your list.

Good luck!