Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last minute shopping

Some people plan ahead.
They shop for Christmas presents in July, have them wrapped by October and mailed by the end of November.
Not me.
Not my family.
My husband is still trying to think what to get.
My daughters say our presents are "in the mail" but may arrive after Christmas.
I have bought some family presents -- but didn't get them wrapped and mailed until this week.

This evening I got most all the presents for the people in town out from their various hiding places and counted them.  In so doing, I discovered another present I should have mailed.  And -- that I had probably overbought for the 8-year old (but nowhere near the amount she would have liked to get)  and had underbought for everyone else.
I had thought I was done shopping -- but now I have to hit the stores this weekend with a new list of things that would be perfect for this or that person.  Crossing fingers and toes that they are still on the store shelves.

Are YOU done with your shopping and wrapping and mailing and decorating the house and....


laurasalas said...

I used to be a shop-aheader. I loved that. But not now. And this year, we're really behind because we were out of town at Thanksgiving and then had company for more than a week in early Dec.

Several things still haven't arrived yet, so people will be getting cards describing their gifts-to-come :>(

Wendie O said...

I like the "cards describing their gifts-to-come" bit. And may try that myself. :-)