Sunday, December 9, 2007

Brunch with Santa

Saturday, the Joppa Branch of our library system held their annual "Brunch with Santa."  The actual work of setting up the table settings and serving the brunch (sticks of french toast and syrup) is done by the Joppatowne Woman's Club.

When I first came to the branch X-many years ago, the previous librarian told me that I didn't have to do anything -- the Woman's Club did everything.  Well, that was only a partial truth.  Gradually I learned that:   I planned the publicity, I reserved the room, I did the registration and gave out the tickets, and I was responsible for doing a program before Santa arrived.

(Originally it was called Breakfast with Santa  with a seating at 10 am and another one at noon -- but people objected to the idea of having 'breakfast' at noon.  So several years ago we changed it to 'brunch.')

I've developed three (or more ) programs that I alternate.
1)  The Night before Christmoose  -- using a relative of the famous moose and a tape of him telling the story.   Along with the guest moose speaker, I use an illustrated version of the traditional Night before Christmas poem along with Robert Sabuda's wonderful cut-paper version.

2)  The 12 Days of Christmas -- using a serious version of the song, then a silly version, then Robert Sabuda's cut-paper one.   I also pass out card-stock with the 12 numbers on them and ask the children to wave them when their number comes up.   This year I used the Southwestern version of a pinata on a pinion tree.  And had the kids say the numbers in Spanish.

3)  Miscellaneous Christmas tales -- featuring my flannel board version of The Tree that Stayed up All Year and a variety of other new and well-loved stories.   Plus, of course, a Robert Sabuda cut-paper something.  (Christmas Alphabet, or Christmas Pop-up, or Cookie Count.)

Earlier -- near the beginning of December, our branch holds a Holiday Open-house where we play Dreidels, make holiday cards and crafts, and eat festive foods.

What do you do at your Holiday programs?
-wendie O


laurasalas said...

Wendie, these sound like great programs!

And people are always lying when they say "X takes care of everything!"

Wendie O said...

:-) -w