Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merrie Christmas

Well, was it a Merrie Christmas for you?   It was for us.
This was the year to have a red and gold, Angel tree.  (last year the trim was all silver)  We put up the tree on Sunday and much to my surprise, the 8-year old took the remaining decorations and "decorated" the house.  I only hope she can find everything she put up when we take it all down on Three Kings Day.  I'm finding pine cones and bells and angels everywhere.

Yesterday, I bought new lampshades for the living room (ones that light will shine through) to replace the old ones which were  opaque.  Amazing.  The rooms I had thought were too dark to use are now brightly lit and welcoming. 

Everyone received something for Christmas that was totally a surprise.   Nick and Chip got remote-controlled helicopters.  and immediately had them buzzing around the living room.  The 8-year old got the locket she had always (always?) wanted.  And my sister sent me a shawl she had knit herself, along with an old-fashioned wooden stick topped with a painted bead to keep it closed.  It's cozy to wear in the evenings when I sit at the computer.  Like wearing a warm hug.

Today for dinner, we had ham -- Silver Label Ham -- for the first time in years.  yum!   Usually we have roast beast and yorkshire pudding.

And now everyone is out in the back yard playing wiffle ball.  The 8-year old is getting pretty good at hitting it.  If only she wouldn't attempt to hit every ball that passes her -- high/ low/ and inbetween.  Oh well, it's exercise -- for her if not for us.

On the writing side -- I got an invitation from an agent to send a full manuscript to her.  (and the Lance, the Fire Dog story got rejected.  Gotta get that one back out in the mail.)


laurasalas said...

Merry Christmas, Wendie! Sounds like a British kind of holiday for you...except maybe the wiffle-ball...not sure where that originated.

Congrats on the agent invitation. Fingers crossed!

Wendie O said...

We have lots of Scots, Welch, and German ancestry so we usually do have a lot of British customs for Christmas.

The Wiffle ball is because there's no way I'd let an 8-year-old hit a softball or baseball near our house. It has too many windows. (17th century stone farmhouse) Wiffleballs won't go very far and have hardly any energy when they land.