Tuesday, February 19, 2008

President's Day

In a amazing coincidence, I completed my proposal for another holiday book yesterday -- this one about Presidents' Day -- and I did it on (ta-dah) President's Day.
I'll get it into the mail today. (Tuesday)

To Do List:
-- Now to go check my submissions record to see which manuscripts have been out on editor's desks (desks/ chairs/ floor/ fallen behind the cabinets/ wherever they pile their tons of submissions) for over four months. Make note to now send to other publishers.
--Plus, send a response to a request to speak at the local community college.



laurasalas said...

Congratulations, Wendie!

I've enjoyed seeing you comment elsewhere, too, by the way.

So. Are you going to speak at the college?

Wendie O said...

Yes, I"ll be speaking at Harford Community College, along with some other local authors on April 12th. I'm not sure what college students will think. The other speakers are romance and mystery writers. I'll probably be the only children's book writer.


Wendie O said...

Duh -- the author's panel is Tuesday, April 15th -- right in the middle of American Libraries Week.

And I've been assured that I'm the only children's book author.