Wednesday, February 20, 2008

strange orange moon

I went outside tonight about 10:30 Eastern time, to let the dog out, and something in the sky caught my eye.
There was this round orange thing blinking through the waving bare limbs of the winter trees. With two very bright lights on either side of it.

I wondered if it could be that satellite that the Navy was supposed to shoot down and I was seeing the expanding explosion?
So, I came back inside (letting the dog come too) and cranked up my computer and looked on the CNN website -- my trusty source of news which shows things as they happen.

Nope, the Navy still hasn't fired a shot.
(correction. As of 11:15, they fired. Note to self-- check CNN on Thursday to see what happened.)

The orange thing was an total lunar eclipse. Amazing. I haven't seen one of those for years.
It's more amazing than you know -- because a few hours ago we were in the middle of a snowstorm.
And yet, right now the sky is clear and there's the eclipse.

If only I had a telescope. One of those sparks of light beside the moon is supposed to be the planet Saturn -- sitting there the closest it has been or will be for a while. I wonder if my binocs will be strong enough to see Saturn's rings.
(late report -- I went out into the below freezing weather and tried, but never could get a clear view of Saturn, darn it.)

Did you get a good look tonight?

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