Thursday, March 20, 2008

My week off to write

I gave myself several vacation days to write this week. But wouldn't you know it -- life got in the way.

Friday I have to juggle things around the 8-year old because not only are public schools closed, but so is her day care.
(and there's an egg hunt in a nearby park she wants to go to.)

Thursday was my day to run around doing errands. Picking up my new glasses was one of the more important things.

Don't ask me what I did Wednesday and Tuesday, because I couldn't tell you. I thought a lot about what my next project would be. I began writing a couple of things. I noodled around revising a couple of other things. I did the wash. I did manage to get one manuscript in the mail on Thursday. I hope to have more in the mail by the weekend.

(In case you are wondering, Monday I was at the library. I had two programs to do and book replacements to work on.)

Being that this is March, one thing I probably need to get back in the mail is my Leprechaun story. There are so few short stories preschool and early elementary teachers can use for St. Patrick's Day. The one I use all the time in storytime is long out of print. So I need to do my bit to get another one published.

The author Patricia Wrede says, "Editors don't make house calls -- You gotta send those manuscripts out."


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