Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where I'd rather be

I'm supposed to be doing my taxes.
So, what am I really doing? Thinking of places I'd like to go -- if only I had the time and the money.

My friend, Mary Bowman-Kruhm, just came back from another research trip to Africa. She's writing a book about people in Africa and also writing about the process of creating that book on her blog which you can read right here.

Africa? Do I want to go to Africa?
Maybe later,
I really don't suppose I'll never get there.

First I'd like to see places in the United States.
--My sister says that I should forget the Grand Canyon and go to Bryce canyon, instead. It's easier to reach those beautiful canyon walls. (You're looking up at them, instead of down, for one thing.)
--The Giant Redwoods.
--The Florida Keys.
--Definitely Hawaii -- to see my nephew at least. And to get up close and personal with a volcano.
--I've been to Maine. Believe me, you don't want to be there except in July, when it warms up to 75 or maybe 80 degrees. Warning, there is frost in August. brrrrr.

Other places I'd like to see?
--Places in England. Actually, Great Britain because I want to include Wales and Scotland and maybe Ireland.
--Some places in Europe.
--Perhaps China, but I don't know about the food. I'm not very brave about things I don't recognize and I am very much not fond of fish.
--Maybe Egypt, maybe not. Okay, yes I do know that is in Africa.
--I have no interest in going to Antarctica.

Sooo, where do YOU wish you could travel to?



laurasalas said...

Ooh, I had bad news about taxes this morning. Ugh.

I'd like to go so many places! We're going to Scotland soon. My first overseas trip!

Here are just a few places I'd like to go:

New Zealand

Susan Sandmore said...

Easter Island
The Moon