Saturday, March 8, 2008

What have I been doing?

It's been a week since I posted a message?
Well, it's been a busy one for me at work, at home, and with my writing.

Let's see...I revised the Lance and the Fire story.

That's Lance at the top of this post. Why is the sky red and the air sorta smokey? it's because this was taken when the fires were raging around San Diego last fall. I kinda had a problem with this picture. This is the way my daughter sent it to me -- sideways. Even tho I've tried several times to turn it upright, it always ends up sideways. No matter. You can still see how beautiful and friendly he is.

Did my second e-query to an agent.
Got an immediate response (wow) within 35 minutes to send it to her -- so I did.

This one asked that the story be included inside an e-mail. I can do that. The first agent that I e-quired asked me to send the story as an attachment. But her inflexible submission page would only upload files that ended in .txt. uuuhhhh. Appleworks can save in text format, but the files don't end in .txt. So, I simply added .txt to it and zoom, the submission page took it. Don't know if the reason she rejected it was because of the story -- or because she couldn't even read it. And I'm too shy around editors/ agents to ask.

I also wrote a new adventure for Lance.
If I ever sell the Fire story, I'll be all set with a sequel.


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laurasalas said...

Good luck with the agent!

And Lance is just gorgeous!