Monday, June 30, 2008

NF Monday - Whales and Dolphins


Whales and Dolphins, by Judy Allen and Mike Bostock, Kingfisher, 2008
Part of the "I Wonder Why" series.

Each chapter of information is included on a two and a half page spread. Why two and a half?

Take, for example, the Chapter on Food.
At first glance it looks like a double-page spread -- with a bit of information about the food they eat on the left, a pod of dolphins circling fish in the middle, and the mouth of a Baleen whale on the right.

But wait -- that middle section has some questions on it.
Where are the answers? Flip the half page over and now the center of the double-page spread shows the pod of dolphins happily eating their fill of fish. And look -- the answers to the questions are now located where the questions were before you flipped.

Question? Do dolphins spit out the fish bones?
Flip --
Answer: No. They swallow the fish whole. Dolphins cannot chew.

Great for reports and just pleasure reading about Whales and Dolphins.

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