Sunday, July 27, 2008

When will the caterpillars become butterflies?

This past week I returned to the library to find that the Summer Reading Program was being run very smoothly by the rest of the staff. I returned just in time to get caought up in our huge Games day/ Summer Celebration on Tuesday where the teen volunteers run various stations. (put the dot on the -huge- ladybug/ temporary tattoos/ caterpillar race/ etc.) Kids got prizes at almost every station. The Baltimore Ravens football team mascot, POE, also showed up.

The only disaster that happened while I was gone (that they told me about) was when the butterfly cage arrived -- with no caterpillars. Which were quickly ordered and arrived on one of our hottest days. (over 95 degrees) The instructions said the caterpillars could not be kept in a cold place -- which means nowhere in the public areas of the library. We freeze out there. So we're keeping the caterpillars in the librarian's office (which has little to no air-conditioning) while they turn into butterflies.

We had wanted to let the families who come to the library watch the Painted Lady butterflies develop -- but not possible. They'll just have to take our word for it that butterflies are hatching back in the office. Still -- we'll go ahead with our guessing contest. 'Guess when the butterflies will hatch?' The people coming the closest will win a prize.

Do you want to enter the contest too?
Put your guess as to when you think they'll hatch into the comments section and leave your e-mail address. I'll let you know if you've won. Will it be July 31, 2008? August 16th? You have 4 chances to win, because there are four caterpillars in our caterpillar house.



Anonymous said...

August 6, because it's my grandson's 6th birthday.

Jane Yolen

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann said:
As for when the painted ladies will hatch -- August 18 in time for our first packet and then Sept 1...just because.

Mary Ann Dames

Wendie O said...

And the winner is -- Jane Yolen!