Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spider at the Library -- part 2

Today -- Wednesday, another spider -- same type as the last one -- fell on the Children's Information Desk. I looked up and discovered that one bar of the array of lights in the Children's Place stretched over my chair at the Info Desk.

That's enough of that! So, I pushed and pushed at the desk, to get it out from under those lights. Ooops, that was the plug for the computer that just popped out of the floor, right? Hmmm. Let's wiggle the desk back this-a-way and push it some more that-a-way.

Everything is now plugged back in. The computer works. And the desk is out from under those lights.
Here's crossing fingers and toes that the next few spiders that drop will land on the floor and run away -- far away. Because if I were to see them, they would live only as long as it took me to find a book to drop on them.


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