Monday, April 5, 2010

Nonfiction Monday -- Shape Me a Rhyme

This being National Poetry Month and the poetry books, for some strange reason, being classified as nonfiction (811 and 821 and....), I thought I'd see what poetry books caught my eye there.

First up -- Shape Me a Rhyme, nature's Forms in Poetry by Jane Yolen. Photographs by Jason Stemple. Honesdale, PA: WordSong, an imprint of Boyds Mills Press, Inc., 2007.

This is one of a series of books that Jane Yolen did with her son, Jason for WordSong. In case you're wondering, Jason took the photographs first and then Jane wrote poems for each one. (and wrote them, and revised them, and threw them away, and wrote another one until they were just right.)

And they certainly are "just right" for early readers and for all readers.
From the circle of the sun:
"Round as a ball,
Round as the sun,
A circle goes round
To where it's begun...."

Turn the page to find Triangles -- Yikes! Triangle Alligator teeth.
Heart-shaped leaves, oval eggs, fan-shaped seashells (my favorite shell), and a crescent moon. All double page spreads with fantastic photographic illustrations.

Stemple and Yolen -- what a team.

Other wordsong books the pair did together include:
Color me a Rhyme
Count me a Rhyme
An Egret's Day
Fine Feathered Friends
The Least Things
Snow, Snow.

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Click on through and enjoy. -wendieO

2 comments: said...

Wow--thanks, Wendie. Just read this after I returned from NYC where another of my Jason collabs had won a John Burroughs Society Award. (The award luncheon was held in the Museum of Natural History. So it was a real pleasure to also have you mention the earlier book.


laurasalas said...

I did a poem from this same collection today, Wendie! I bought this one when I heard Jane speak a year or two ago, and I adore it. I featured a different poem, "Coil." We've sure got good taste:>)