Friday, April 30, 2010

April Carnival of Children's Literature & Writing news

Once a month, a blogger volunteers gather links from other bloggers in the Kidlithosphere. Links to their best/ most interesting post/ or simply a fun thing they wrote about during this month. It's called the Carnival of Children's Literature and as of today, the April Carnival is UP at the Forwords blog . Go. Click on the link here and enjoy the variety you find there.

In other news, the revision of my (short) novel is inching along.
For this first run through I'll simply respond to the 5 critiques it received last month. Then I'll have to run through it again, adding some of the background information they requested -- trying NOT to let those places become Info-Dumps that stop the action -- but trying to work the information gently in here and there.

One shocker was the information Emily Jenkins gave me -- my novel was too short. Her examples of other young novels were eye-opening:
Junie B. Jones is 5,500 words.
Ivy and Bean is 7,000.
Clementine is 10,000.
In March, my 'novel' was only 4000 words long.
At present, only half-revised, it is now 5000 words long -- so, I'm getting there.
Onward! Back to the revision.

take 10-year old to sleepover Birthday party.
Go shop at the Pennsylvania Deutch Market.
THEN, back to the revision.

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