Monday, February 18, 2013

Path to Publishing

I Just saw this announcement about some online workshops for writers, called The Path to Publishing. If you are interested, click on the links to register and participate:

A Path to Publishing  is an educational program offered by literary agent Jill Corcoran with Herman Agency and powered by Shindig, a powerful new interactive video chat platform that allows you to not only watch presentations but also participate with faculty directly--as though you're in the same room.

No matter where you are in your publishing career, this program can provide you with access to top industry professionals. You'll get immediate insight and answers to all your questions, plus reliable advice you can act on immediately to take your career to the next level.

Jill is launching A Path to Publishing with a special price for the first 3 workshops which includes:

3/6 The editors of HarperCollins/Walden Pond Press with Sr. VP & Editorial Director Debbie
Kovacs, Senior Editor Jordan Brown and Marketing Manager Kellie Celia 

-- How the HarperCollins/Walden Media Team Selects, Edits, and Markets Middle Grade Books

3/16 The editors of Hyperion-Disney with Associate Publisher Stephanie Lurie, Executive Editor Emily Meehan and Editor Rotem Moscovich 

-- A Peek Behind the Curtain at Disney-Hyperion

2/20 The editors of Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan with Executive Editor Nancy Mercado and Editor Kate Jacobs 

-- Earning the Reader's Trust

Each Workshop is $75 or get all 3 for $180. 

Workshops include 30 minute virtual cocktail party + 60 Workshop + 30 minute Q&A
Register here.

Upcoming Workshops include:

 Agents Sarah Davies, Erin Niumata, Erin Murphy, Ammi-Joan Paquette, Tricai Lawrence
& Editors Wendy Lamb (Random House), Nancy Paulsen (Penguin), Christy Ottaviano (Macmillan), Molly O'Neill (HaperCollins), Noa Wheeler (Macmillan), Martha Mahalick(HarperCollins), Heather Alexander (Pengin), Connie Hsu (Little, Brown), Karen Chaplin (HaperCollins), Stacey Barney (Penguin) and many many 

 See faculty and workshop tabs for more info.

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