Sunday, April 20, 2014

No Easter Eggs?

The 14 year old had no desire to color eggs this year.  (yea. No mess in the kitchen. No colored fingers when we open the shells.)  I boiled some anyway yesterday so that we could have the traditional Saturday hot hard boiled egg breakfast.

Therefore, today I didn't hide any eggs.  But I did make up a basket and hid it.  She's been awake almost an hour and still has no urge to vacate her room and hunt for the basket.  Such a change from years ago when she couldn't wait to do all those things. Today, while she's off at a friend's house participating in their Easter Egg hunt, I'll turn the hard boiled eggs into traditional deviled eggs.  I know she loves those.

Oooooo.  Found another basket (online). Pretty:

(added later)
I did hide a basket with Reese's Cups Easter eggs -- her favorite candy. (not pictured above)
She complained during the whole the time she looked for it saying, "You're really getting a kick out of this, aren't you?"
Yes, I laughed to myself every time she passed the basket without seeing it.  I was a meanie and gave her no hints. Finally she collapsed in the living room chair, looking right at it.  Even so, it took her a moment to actually see it on the bookshelves.

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