Tuesday, August 30, 2022

More adventures with clothing

 Since I've lost so much weight (others gained during the pandemic, but I lost weight), I was looking through my favorite clothing websites (LL Bean and Talbots) searching for smaller clothing.  I happened  upon a nice white skirt at Talbots.com.  Now, I had put my original white skirt into the Donate to Thrift Store pile, so I was interested.  Then I noticed it was available at my (sort of) nearby Talbots store.

So I drove up to that store, only to discover that the website was wrong - they had already sold it.  It wasn't a wasted trip though, my favorite Mexican restaurant was nearby so I got a take out meal that lasted me four days. 

When I got home, I got back onto the computer, only to discover that the website told me that the skirt was now sold out.  (insert crying emoji here)

Four days later (this morning) I got back onto the computer and just for the heck of it looked for that Talbots skirt.  Hey! it was available again.  So I ordered it.

It will arrive mid-September.

The clothing rule is - don't wear white after Labour Day.  YIKES! (insert crying symbol here)


Oh, Lookee -- Blogger now HAS emojis!

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