Friday, August 19, 2022

The perils of losing weight

 Yes, I know that a lot of people have gained weight during the pandemic, but I've lost weight.

Intending to do some shopping, I rummaged through my closet looking for a skirt to wear.  This one was too large.  That one was too large. (they dragged on the ground)  So was another one.  YIKES!

So, I looked online to buy a smaller size long skirt. (that's what I wear -- long skirts.)  Sold out on the Talbot's website and none to be found on LL Bean. (that's where I shop because I know what fits me there)

I thought that maybe, the skirt I had wanted to buy might still be available in stores, so I headed to La Jolla to the nearest Talbot's store.  You would not believe the traffic just wanting to get into La Jolla.  I finally gave up and headed back home. On my way home, I discover the other roads leading to beaches were also clogged.  Which was a surprise because schools are in session in my area of Southern California. (then I remembered that the surrounding schools don't begin until next week, so I guess that parents and kids are starting their last weekend before school headed for the beach.

Meaning that 

1) I'll have to find a Talbots that's not located near a beach and 

2) I'll have to keep on avoiding the beaches for another couple of weeks if I want less traffic and less people on the beaches when I do my daily walk.  

For those of you who knew me during the mid-2010s, I've lost 30 pounds since I graduated from VCFA. 

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