Saturday, August 27, 2022

Why are there Supermoons?

 I had never heard the term SUPERMOON until the past few years. Granted, the moon looked larger in the Fall of the year and was called the Harvest Moon, but Supermoon? 

When the first one was announced a few years ago, they said it was unusual and seldom happened. But recently there have been more and more Supermoon events. 

And I've been a moon watcher all my life. What could be causing the moon to seem larger/ to be closer to the earth/ to have changed its orbit? Could it possibly be those rockets (most lately from other countries) landing and taking off there? Pushing it a tiny bit out of orbit? (For every action, there is a reaction and tiny actions can cause larger events) One of the things that I worry about in the middle of the night 

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