Friday, July 6, 2007

Harry Potter 4

Well, I just completed Harry Potter, Book 4.
It looks like I'm going to finish too soon -- waaaay before the last HP comes out mid-July.

My 7- year old (going into 2nd grade) is wizzing through the Felicity -- American Girls' series. To our amazement.
Of course, now she want the doll, too.

She's been wanting to read Harry Potter since she was four -- but I wouldn't read them to her. Actually, I did read selected pages to her, skiping the ones I considered too dark for her to understand. I also won't let her watch the DVDs, even tho we own them all.
However, I bet she'll be diving into the Harry Potter books by this time next summer. And, if she stops having nightmares this school year (she tends to have nightmares), I'll even let her watch the movies.

How far are YOU with your re-reading of the HP series?


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Anonymous said...

OK, I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't read the whole series. I read the first couple to my older daughter when she was 7 or so. But my husband and I alternated chapters, so even though I read or at least listened to most of the chapters, there were ones I missed. I read 3, but I don't think I read 4.

I keep saying I really want to take an HP sabbatical, after 7 comes out, and sit down and read all 7 with no outside books in between. I have a terrible memory, and I really have trouble keeping details of stories and characters straight when I read the books of the series a year or more apart. Especially with fantasy, which I don't read much and don't seem to have much mental vocabulary for, if you know what I mean.

Husband and older daughter (now 14) went to a sneak preview on an IMAX screen at 7 p.m. last night, and I've promised to take my younger daughter this weekend.

Maybe I'll remember more about the book once I see the movie!