Wednesday, July 4, 2007

no fireworks

Interesting fourth of July.

The grandkid and I finally made it to the Towson Fourth of July parade this year. It's a nice 'local' parade with two homemade floats and lots of bands -- and politicians. Even the governor of the state was there.

In the afternoon we tried going to the party at the pool, but it was called off because of thunder. (no rain, just clouds and lots of thunder.)
So, we headed out to the usual fireworks place at 8:00pm to get a good place. And got pounded with rain. After a while, people came around to say it had been cancelled.

Finally got the kid to bed after "just one more chapter of Felicity, pleeeeeeease?"

It's after 11 pm and I'm putting off going to bed because various neighbors seem to have to fire off all of their firecrackers before midnight. It sounds like a war zone, sorta.

And how was your Fourth?


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendie,

I haven't been reading blogs the past week or so--just swamped with work and family stuff and trying to stay afloat.

But I'm happy to see you blogging and have added your Wanderings to my Bloglines. Need to go back now and read your ALA posts!

Anyway, happy 4th of July, late, and happy blogging!

Wendie O said...

Thanks for adding me.