Monday, July 2, 2007

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movie comes out next week and the last book of the series, book 7, comes out on July 21st. The excitement is building. We have a count-down calendar near the Children's Information Desk and I try to remember to tear off a page a day. When I forget, Jan or one of the other staff members remembers to do it.

I'm hearing Harry Potter tales from staff and patrons.

Some of us are in a race, trying to re-read all of the books this month before Book 7 comes out. I"m on book 3 myself. Which book are YOU on?

A Girl Scout leader was telling me about the International Girl Scout Encampment her troop was going to attend. Since it's being held over Harry Potter weekend, a nearby bookstore is delivering thousands of books to the girls camped there -- and they intend to hold a read-a-thon the minute they get the books in their hands.

Tell me what's going on in your neck of the woods to celebrate Harry Potter day and I'll list them on this BLOG.

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