Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Day -- Hurrah!

I arrived at my library branch today to discover that I would have the honor of helping to unpack and count the HP books. They came complete with really neat lables from Tech Services claiming that the books came from Hogwarts to be delivered to the ____ library.

About 370 were ordered for our 11 branch system and every one of them was caught by a hold. Every person with a hold could come get their book(s) or recording(s) at 10 am on Saturday. More people put holds on the title during the day. (expecting to just walk in and get one off the shelves. HA!)

Several times the other librarian and I had to go help the circ people handle the checkout lines.

Fun, fun.
I put lightning bolts on kid's foreheads and they could cut out Slytheran snakes to take home. or the word find. or other stuff.

I have a fold-out Hogwarts that drew lots of attention.

Our Owls were perched on top of the Harry Potter bag I got from Scholastic at ALA -- as if they had just delivered the books.

as I said, fun.

What did YOU do on Harry Potter Day?

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