Friday, November 9, 2007

Vacation, day five

What did I do today?

1) Spent the morning writing. Went over the Halloween story and two others, printed them out and mailed them. (four mailed out this week)
2) The afternoon was spent going down the list I made yesterday. Completed most of the things oon it.
3) Dinner -- centered around baked yellow squash with bacon on top.
4) In the evening I joined other Pine Grove Elementary School parents in the school Cafetorium being chaperones for the school dance. An elementary school dance? You gotta see it to believe it. Large group dances -- Electric slide, Hoky Poky, the chicken dance and more.



Anonymous said...

Two mailed this week? Excellent!

Wendie O said...

Oh, you viewed it too soon -- I've edited it to show the rest of the day. -- Four mailed. Crossing fingers and toes that one of them sells. -wendieO