Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm It

I've been tagged by Mary BK to tell 5 obscure things about me that you probably don't know.  (Thank heavens these things have changed -- it used to be we had to write 10 things.)

1)  Well, first I have to tell you about Mary BK.  You might not know that Mary and I and another friend wrote two books together.  We decided to have them published under a pen name because putting all three of our names would be too long for the spine of the book.  (Mary Bowman-Kruhm, Wendie Old, Claudine Wirths -- can you just picture it?)
          We combined the names and shortened Mary's last name and came up with this pen name -- C.W. Bowie.  Eventually I'll get the covers of these picture books up along the right hand side of this blog.

2)  My husband and I have adopted the most wonderful (and smartest) grandchild in the world.  (no favoritism here)  This now makes me a "mom" to three girls and makes our grandchild a sister to her aunt and her mommy.  She thinks it's funny.

3)  This "smart" grandchild decorated a four-foot Christmas tree with her best friend yesterday.  It only took us a little more than an hour to find and pick up all the tinsel that had, strangely enough, scattered all over the room.   Did you know that four packs of tinsel can almost fill a trash can?   (I know, I know -- it only takes one pack to trim a tree.  It's just that THEY didn't know.)

4)  I love taking trips.  Driving? Flying? makes no matter to me.  So taking trips to research things for my books is a pleasurable vacation for me.   Luckily the 8-year-old likes to travel with me, so I am assured of having a companion.  

5)  Finally,  I live in a stone farmhouse built in 1740 -- which is heated by a woodstove.  Okay, yes, we do use electric baseboard heat for part of the house.   I just think it's funny that it's the computer room (living room) that has the old-fashioned heat source.  And boy does it keep us warm.  The walls are 23 inches of stone, which radiates cold when it's freezing and below outside, so the radiant heat from the woodstove is the only thing that can combat it successfully.

-wendieO  (hmmm, looking for someone else to tag)


Mary Bowman-Kruhm said...

Fun post, Wendie. Hi, Ariana. I bet your tree is lovely. Wish you were closer and could trim mine!

laurasalas said...

Love your tinsel story. And I always love hearing about your travel adventures with your granddaughter. That is so fun!

I did my 5 obscure things this morning:

Thanks for the tag!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendie,
I loved reading your 5 things. I think I probably owe you a couple of emails. Please know you are often on my mind.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.