Monday, March 24, 2008


Workshop, written by Andrew Clements and Illustrated by David Wisniewski (winner of the Caldecott Medal for Golem), published by Clarion, 1999.

Why talk about a book as old as this one?
Because the Illustrator was a Maryland guy and because I keep forgetting that Andrew Clements does picture books as well as very funny middle grade fiction. (Be sure to read his newest -- No Talking.)

Also, because I'm planning a Handyman storytime and just remembered what fun this book is.

You would think that a description of tools and what they do would be boring.
Each tool is described and pictured making -- something. The illustrations become so close-up that you are totally surprised when you discover just what all these tools created.

Beginning with RULER --
"Ruler knows how long and wide and deep and high.
Ruler never guesses.
Ruler knows."
And ending with TOOLBOX.
With the last page showing the carpenter's helper (a young boy) gleefully riding the -- aw, okay I'll tell you -- a Merry-go-Round horse.



Anonymous said...

This sounds cute! And somebody just recommended to me a new pb called Monkey With a Toolbelt--another humorous, tool-related pb. Might be fun to pair them!

Wendie O said...

I tried to find Monkey with a Toolbelt for this program, ,but we haven't received it, yet. Then I looked at the pub date and it's April something. Case solved.

We had fun with the books I did find, though.