Sunday, April 27, 2008

Report from my writing life

What did I do this weekend?

Got two more copies of a manuscript ready to be mailed on Monday. This time I made sure that not only was the manuscript enclosed, but also a synopsis, an outline, a timeline, a long bibliography, and multiple chapter notes.

I was all set to mail it on Saturday afternoon, but when I got to the Mail Stop (store), they had just closed.

On Sunday, after recovering from the rain-induced headache, I polished up another manuscript, discovering to my surprise that it was closer to being ready to send out than I had supposed it was. I should be able to send that one out on Tuesday.

What with getting most of the laundry done and being able to make beef stew for the family, it was a most successful weekend.

Now, for my next miracle, I need to get out in the flower border and dig up the thistle that thinks it belongs there.


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