Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday the Thirteenth

Friday the 13th came on a Sunday this month.
And with it came a drastic change of temperature.

This past week, each day got warmer and warmer -- almost reaching 80 degrees on Friday. Still nice, in the 70s on Saturday. So why then would a cold front come through and crash the daily high to 52 degrees on Sunday? brrrrr.

It's not fair.
It's not fair to tease us with the hint of warm weather and then....

For years I've been a weather junkie -- always trying to predict tomorrow's weather; always checking the weather at the place I'm planning to travel to. Always reminding my kids to dress for Today's weather; not for the weather they remembered from yesterday.

I even wrote a picture book story about this very thing -- called Yesterday's Weather -- where a child constantly charges outside and discovers s/he is not prepared for today's weather because they dressed for yesterday's weather. poor kid. I made the story circle around the child's attempt to play a team game with friends, but is always stymied by the weather. (However, a soccer mom informed me that that wouldn't fly -- teams play in ALL weathers. hmmmm. Perhaps that's why the story never sold.)

You know, I finally did sell the story -- when I transformed it into a nonfiction book about Groundhog Day. (The animal who predicts the weather.)

Maybe someday I'll hit upon another way to revise Yesterday's Weather (the original story) that will make it salable.

-wendieO (the weather nut)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this, Wendie. I love to hear about the guises and variations of stories/ideas...which sell, which do not, what you're hoping to do. Cool!

(And in park and rec leagues, you do NOT play in all kinds of weather...that fanaticism is reserved for traveling teams with serious players--and parents.)