Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Beverly Cleary

Interesting article about the new Ramona book from Beverly Cleary can be found here.
Quite a change for the kid who failed Kindergarten.

And here's another article -- from Fuse #8 about J.K Rowling's eighth Harry Potter book to come out in 2010.



Wendie O said...

April Fool


Becky Levine said...

Oh, you got me. This is what comes of finding a blog AFTER April 1st and skimming through posts without looking at the dates!

Thanks for mentioning my interview with Barrie Summy, in the Edge of the Forest.

author-by-night said...

Hi, this is Amy, we just met at the library today... like Becky below me (or above? I forget how blogspot comments work, too used to Livejournal), I read this after April 1! I knew there was no 8th Harry Potter book, but I was curious as to how this rumor came about until I read the comments. :P