Thursday, May 29, 2008

A comment about Comments

I'm beginning to see why other writers give prizes (copies of their books) to people who leave comments on their blog. I actually won a book myself just because I had left a comment. Since I'm also a librarian and actually have too many books (is there such a thing as too many books?), I suggested she not send it to me, but to donate it to a needy library somewhere else.

After a while of blogging and not getting comments, you kinda assume that you are writing in a private journal. That's okay. I"m often using this blog as a journal. For example, blogging while I'm at a conference helps me get my notes in order -- I have to write reports when I get back to work explaining what I learned. I've found that getting the conference notes down in a blog makes those reports so much easier to write.

Now, I fully intend to give prizes to people that comment to messages, myself. However, you'll have to wait for them. Next Fall, during the weeks leading up to Halloween, I'll be awarding copies of my latest Halloween book to some lucky people. It might be you.


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