Saturday, May 3, 2008

Report from my writing life

This week was mostly a writing week.

Mailed off four manuscripts to publishers. Well, actually one manuscript to two publishers on Monday and another manuscript to two more publishers on Friday. All nonfiction Children's books. I feel very accomplished.

I joined three other authors on a panel discussion at Harford Community College. It was fascinating to learn how the others worked and thought. One professor of literature who wrote poetry. One who wrote biography. One home security expert who also has a novel in the works. And me -- the children's book writer.

But writing is writing and our creation processes were similar.

The audience consisted of writers and readers and all had great questions.

At work I felt accomplished, too. I spent every penny of my book replacement budget, had fun doing a storytime about princesses (and planned for a hermit crab program for Saturday), and joy of joys -- unpacked boxes of Summer Reading Program supplies. It's just like opening Christmas presents when the decorations and supplies for Summer Reading arrive. Are you ready for libraries full of bugs this summer? (I'm emphasising butterflies at my library.)

After doing two talks about writing this month, I'm all primed to offer writing advice. Please do drop a note in the comments section with your writing question and I'll try to answer it in the blog.



Antoinette90 said...

Hi, my name is Antoinette and I am also writing a book and would like to know more imformation about your website! And how do I find a publisher that pays you?

Wendie O said...

you didn't say what kind of book you are writing.

If for children -- you need to join the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators where you will find lots of information about this.